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Bannu Byma Fine Wool Colour # 01


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Note: The colors shown in the picture will be slightly different in real.

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The world of fashion is no longer only about women since men’s fashion is booming and they are paying more attention to how they look than ever before. A fashion statement can encompass a wide variety of clothing for men for all types of occasions, such as formal parties, business meetings, weddings, and casual gatherings. You will always look good if you wear the latest and most stylish men’s wear available today, no matter what the occasion. Since the wool clothes are made with top-quality manufacturing materials, Bannu Byma Fine Wool costs more than other wool dresses. In the winter season, you’ll enjoy a soft touch and full protection from the cold. You can easily machine wash this fabric.

Our Bannu Byma Fine Wool is 100% woolen and won’t fade after washing. There are dozens of brands we carry at Abbas cloth house to meet your needs, but woolen dresses do not need a name tag because it is top fabric. Wool fabric is one of our most popular offerings, and we offer amazing quality that is hard to find anywhere else. Whether it’s every day wear or formal wear, we have men’s clothing for any season or occasion you can think of.

Although the store offers a variety of items at affordable prices, including jackets to keep you warm, jeans and shirts, suits for work and comfy tees for an evening out but there is no match of the Bannu wool fabric.



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