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Bannu Woolen Shawl


A Bannu shawl gives a complete stylish look to men and is primarily warm and attractive.

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Bannu woolen shawls price in Pakistan

Working men in the northern areas of Pakistan need shawls to protect themselves from the cold winds during the winter, when temperatures are at their highest. A Bannu woolen shawl gives a complete stylish look to men and is primarily warm and attractive. These warm shawls were previously only available in these northern regions, but we decided this season to offer them to you through our online store, Abbas cloth house. Wool shawls made of Bannu wool are distinctive from other types of shawls. Wool Bannu shawls would make good gifts for anyone who loves shawls. They are lighter and less bulky than other kinds of shawls. There is something unique about the shawl that sets it apart from others.

We offer our customers a very reasonable price for the standard size shawl. There are a large number of shawl types available in Pakistan, but one of the finest and most infrequent is the bannu woolen shawl. The woolen shawls for men in Pakistan have been designed for everyday wear and keep you warm against the cold. It has always been a tradition of men’s fashion wear to combine style and class. has always tried its best to supply all the necessary items for any season. A new touch of modernity pushed Abbas cloth house to a whole new level with its shawl collection of premium quality.



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